Wir sind fleissig am werben  
Fotos sind natuerlich auch auf der Anzeige, aber die kann ich hier ja leider nicht online stellen - aber die meisten von euch kennen ja unseren Luke! 

 $3.900,- ono

Hello, my name is “Luke”.
I am a 23 year old (1987), white Toyota Hiace and I love to drink Diesel
Since January the 20th, I am travelling through NZ with two nice German girls.
Both cared very well about me:

Registration valid till 31/08/2010
W.O.F. till 25/08/2010
Road User Charges are paid till 298 000km
            (now ~ 295 000km)
New cam belt in April 2010 – which is a must-do
            every 90 000km for cars!

--> Every single thing, which was made since the girls own me, is proved by certification – so you really know what happened to me!

Besides, I have awesome camping equipment,
such as:

-            Queen size bed
Shelf with cooking stuff for up to 3 persons
                (plates, knives, spoons, forks, cups, saucepan, 2 gas
                      stoves and so on)

-          Two camping chairs and a table

-          Five boxes to put stuff in

-          Solar shower

-          maps of North- and South Island

-          two Vodafone SIM cards for NZ and lots of
                other useful things

Since Sarah and Kristin are going to leave NZ in the beginning of June from Christchurch,
I am looking for one, two or three new owners!

If YOU are interested in a reliable, big Van as I am please call Kristin (TeleNr.) or Sarah (TeleNr.)

A look inside, a test ride and some tips to have a nice stay in NZ are guaranteed!

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